Spring is in full swing here in Tennessee even though some days we are hit with cold weather, but over all it has been a great start. To make it even better, we again enjoyed a solar Eclipse. 7 years ago we had totality and that was an amazing experience. We only had 90 some percent this time, but it was still so cool. Did any of you take advantage of this display? What did you think? My middle son lives in Dallas so he attempted to watch today, but it was cloudy so he didn’t have much luck.

With spring also comes flowers blooming and time to start my vegetable garden. I love gardening and with the nicer weather and blooming flowers, it is a great time to relax outside with a good book. (You knew it was coming) If you would like a signed copy of my books head over to my Tik Tok shop and purchase my books there. I will gladly sign it and give you some extra gifts. It’s a great way to support my business, and read some great books.

Enjoy the beginning of spring.

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